Hey gals,and  guys! So I went to the


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Hey gals,and guys! So I went to the UTC Urban Tattoo convention yesterday. It was Spazztistic! The Got Ink Boyz performed and RIP they Killed it!  Cadillac P, Kolossal, Mac Ryder, King Mezy, Sin, Norman and a ton more. Stay tuned these Men want their presents to be felt, and with voices, bodies and faces like that it will be! I feel we will be hearing a lot from This Got Ink movement.  Al Fliction did his thing this year, all the booths were amazing and the body painters were unlike anything I’ve seen. Ralph McDaniel was out showing love still looking good after 30 years of hosting Video Music Box. Today is the last day for the convention so head out and show some love. 233 37th street Brooklyn they stay open till 1am. Spazz Out

Spazz Productio…


Spazz Production LLc A Division of Powerful Women In Movement Films brings to you “A Lift From The Hood.” My Name is Spazz and I’m the new women on the block, I’m here to entertain and motivate the urban community. My Hood the five boroughs mostly people exploit us and never give back, Spazz Production LLc is here to change that. I use Hip Hop, rap, dance all talent that I find in my community to uplift and motivate the community, giving us a chance to Lift ourselves from the “Hood.” To all talent in the Five Boroughs contact me I would love to learn your story, give you extra exposure network with you. Spazzproduction@yahoo.com or check out my story spazzoutentllc.com, and yes please check me out here on youtube I will upload often a little taste of my work in progress “A Lift From The Hood” stay tuned for your local cable channel.

Just Saying!


So it’s the month of May and I like to think positive, here’s an inspirational passage from Iyanla Vanzant Until Today!: I am now receptive to the idea that…sometimes people do things that has nothing to do with what I have done! Today I am devoted to moving myself out of the position that I must be wrong because of the way others may treat me!….WoW It’s so true Puck! what others think about ME!….I’m just ME and I love ME! :) Have a Great Day :*